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Scotland was one of the industrial powerhouses of Europe from the time of the Industrial Revolution onwards, being a world leader in manufacturing.[8] This left a legacy in the diversity of goods and services which Scotland produces, from textiles, whisky, and shortbread to jet engines, buses, computer software, ships, avionics and microelectronics, as well as banking, insurance, investment management and other related financial services. In common with most other advanced industrialized economies, Scotland has seen a decline in the importance of both manufacturing industries and primary-based extractive industries. This has, however, been combined with a rise in the service sector of the economy, which has grown to be the largest sector in Scotland.

There are new job vacancies in Scotland. Accountancy, banking and finance, Business, consulting and management, Charity and voluntary work, Creative arts and design, Energy and utilities, Engineering and manufacturing, Environment and agriculture, Healthcare.

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