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About Rawafed Recruitment LLC.

At Rawafed Recruitment, we continuously liaise with the clients and candidates to ensure that the recruitment process runs as smoothly as possible and that all expectations are met. Rawafed Recruitment L.L.C is a member of Ahmed Almazrouei Group L.L.C founded in 1989 with (+800) Staff Member, a leader in developing new business opportunities through a team of highly qualified professionals, state-of-the-art technologies, providing services across a spectrum of regional markets. The key to our success is our strategic vision and what the group and its staff value.

Communication with both parties is the key to making the transition as easy as possible. Quality for Rawafed is not just about allocating candidates, it is also about easing the burden on the client by engaging in innovatory ways of recruitment.

We support our candidates throughout the employment process, and where contract hire, the support is provided throughout their careers.

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