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Why North America Jobs???

The economy of North America is marked by a sharp division between the predominantly English speaking countries of Canada and the United States, which are among the wealthiest and most developed nations in the world, and countries of Central America and the Caribbean in former Latin America that are less developed. Mexico and Caribbean nations of the Commonwealth of Nations are between the economic extremes of the development of North America.

Agriculture is very important in Central American and Caribbean nations. In western Canada, in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba, wheat and other various main agricultural products are grown. The U.S. also has many states with significant agriculture production, mainly in the central continental U.S. Mexico produces many tropical fruits and vegetables as well as edible animals. North America has developed and its manufacturing sector has grown. The United States leads North America in investment and banking. Canada, Mexico and most recently, February 2011, El Salvador is growing in this sector. Tourism is extremely important for the Caribbean economies, as they contain many beaches and have warm climates.

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