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Kuwait Oil Company Jobs

Kuwait Oil Company Jobs was built up in 1934 by the Anglo-Persian Wellhead upkeep on BG56, 1959. Oil Company, which is referred to today as BP (British Petroleum),and Gulf Oil Corporation, now known as Chevron.

Since its commencement, KOC exercises have included investigation operations, coastal and seaward overviews, penetrating of test wells and the improvement of creating wells notwithstanding unrefined and regular gas investigation. In 1975, the Kuwait Government took 100% control over Kuwait Oil Company, and by 1980, the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation was set up to bring all state possessed oil organisations under one entity.

Career @ KOC
Today, KOC keeps on satisfying its expressed mission of investigating, creating and delivering Kuwait’s hydrocarbon assets for its clients around the globe in a way that is ecologically stable and monetarily suitable.

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