Adidas Group Job Openings Worldwide – Apply Now

Why Adidas Jobs?

Success nurtures a growing global company, therefore Adidas never settle for status quo. Instead, the Group want to advance every single day while they open doors for more than our 55,000 employees worldwide. They are our creative capital to shape and the future of sport. At Adidas, we believe sport has the power to change lives. Our brands – Adidas, Reebok, TaylorMade Golf and CCM Hockey – support every kind of athlete to perform better. Adidas is one global team, having players for all needs: for performance, for lifestyle, for fitness, for golf and for hockey. This multibrand strategy enables us to tackle opportunities from several perspectives, as both a mass and a niche player.

This sounds rather complex but in the end, it’s simply about advancing sport by providing distinct, relevant and unique products.